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New development is proud acheivement

New development is proud acheivement

A groundbreaking South Kirkby housing development would have made a local man “very proud” an event in the town heard this month.

Buttree Court, a development of 8 bungalows built at The Lockies, South Kirkby, was the brainchild of local community activist Peter Buttree, his widow told a group that had gathered to celebrate their completion.  The bungalows, which form Together Housing Group’s first development built using an innovative modular panelised design, were built on a piece of wasteland that had previously been an eyesore in the community.

Buttree Court South Kirkby _southkirkby -3236_12306Christine Buttree, whose husband Peter founded the South Kirkby Community Association, told the Celebration of Completion of Building event: “Peter had fought hard to get a development on that wasteland.  He came back from a meeting one night and said they would be building on it and he was so, so happy.

“Sadly he died last year before they were completed, but if he had been here today he would have been very, very proud”.

Kevin Ruth, Deputy Chief Executive of Together Housing Group who commissioned the build with support of Wakefield Council and the Homes and Communities Agency, said: “Together Housing Group are helping meet the needs of people who want affordable homes.

“This development was our first modular panelised home build, where the components of the walls are built off site and then assembled in situ, providing homes that are affordable and quick to build. We are already on site with another development of modular build homes.”

Buttree Court South Kirkby _southkirkby -4244_12330   Buttree Court South Kirkby _southkirkby -4391_12299

Gwen Beeken, Managing Director of OSCO Homes, who built the bungalows, said their approach added extra value:  “The walls are built complete with the windows fitted in a factory at HMP Hindley in Manchester.  Upon release we employ those who have worked in the factory to assemble the homes on site.  Not only does this help address the shortage of those with construction skills, but our workers are considerably less likely to re-offend than those who leave prison without employment and qualifications.”

Delegates from the council and other housing associations thinking of using modular building, toured the site and visited the tenants in their lovely new homes. 


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