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More tenants offered more choice

More tenants offered more choice

Customers wanting to move into a Together Housing property now have an easier experience, thanks to a new letting system.

The system, which is online based, sees tenants browsing properties on a daily basis, before completing a quick and easy application form.  The form will then be processed swiftly by the new lettings team, so people can quickly find out if they’ve secured their ideal property.   This approach will also offer more choice, with customers able to apply for an extra bedroom, subject to affordability. 

Liza Crowther, Lettings Manager, said: “Modern customers demand modern ways of renting homes, and this system will work alongside our existing systems to offer another way for tenants to apply for homes they want to rent.

“We’re still giving priority to those in housing need and this system will speed up the process, fitting with what today’s customers would expect.”

Anyone wanting to know more or find their perfect home can visit