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Innovative Wakefield housing scheme scoops award

Innovative Wakefield housing scheme scoops award

 Buttree Court Which Won A Northern Housing Award







A groundbreaking housing development in South Kirkby, which was built using innovative offsite construction techniques, has scooped an award.

Named after the late community activist Peter Buttree, who founded the South Kirkby Community Association, Buttree Court in The Lockies won Best Use of Off-site Technology in Affordable Housing at the Northern Housing Awards.

The development, a partnership between Together Housing and Osco Homes, comprises eight two-bedroom bungalows, the walls, floors and ceilings of which were built at a factory within HMP Hindley in Wigan,providing opportunity to develop new skills and get offenders ready for work, significantly reducing re-offending and the associated cost to the public purse.

Kevin Ruth, Deputy Chief Executive of Together Housing, said:

“As one of the largest social landlords in the north of England, we are conscious that traditional building methods alone are not enough to meet the ever-increasing demand for affordable housing.

“By investing in innovative techniques such as this where large parts of the houses are manufactured in a factory then reassembled on site, this will assist us to build homes quicker and more cost effectively.”

In addition to transforming a former eyesore into a development of high quality, affordable homes for local residents, Buttree Court has also helped reduce reoffending. Upon release, four prisoners who worked on the scheme were employed by OSCO Homes and four secured employment elsewhere.

Gwen Beeken, Managing Director of OSCO Homes, added:

“By approaching house building differently, it’s possible to build homes in a way that’s more efficient and effective but also make a long term, genuine difference to people and communities.”

Ex-offender Michael, who is now employed full time by OSCO Homes, said:

“Working on The Lockies was a great experience and it meant a lot to me to be involved. Since I’ve been released, I’ve started work for OSCO using the new rendering skills I learnt on the project – it’s given me something to focus on. I’ve been inside a few times in my life and I think if something like this had been available earlier, it would’ve changed my decision making and I wouldn’t have re-offended.”

The Northern Housing Awards recognise the achievements of those who are making a difference to their communities and defining their futures. These awards promote and celebrate innovative affordable housing providers, projects and services in the North that are helping to create great communities where people love to live.


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Kevin does public relations and digital inclusion work across Together Housing Group.