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Go digital for World Paper Free Day

Go digital for World Paper Free Day

We are urging our staff and residents to go digital for World Paper Free Day on Tuesday 6th November.

A paper-free workforce is a more effective, efficient and agile workforce, resulting in a better service for tenants. That’s according to Angela Stuttard, who heads up our transformation programme.

Since we introduced mobile workforce technology from 1st Touch, our customer-facing staff are able to have role-specific information they need delivered straight to their mobile devices.

Angela Stuttard, Head of Repairs at Maintenance, said: “By introducing the technology across the business, we are able to drive value for money and derive some major benefits. For example, technicians don’t have to return to base for job sheets or information as all the details can be sent to their device each morning.

“This saves time and travel costs. Operatives can also fit in more jobs per day, which means we are even more efficient. The whole process is much more transparent as we know when operatives are on their way or have finished a job. We also have an interface with a builders’ merchants, who can receive orders from the operative’s device and have the stock sent directly to a job.

“Similarly with empty homes if, for example, an inspector feels there needs to be a new bath suite in a property, this can be ordered from their device and dispatched directly to the relevant address. Our incomes team benefits too as all the rent and payment information is available at their fingertips – so that can help customers and build customer profiles.”

Other efforts to go paper-free include replacing our paper tenants’ magazine, which was posted to all 38,000 homes four times a year, with an e-newsletter. This is emailed to over 20,000 households monthly, with a hard copy magazine going out only twice a year to those who don’t have email access.

Angela added: “We’ve made huge digital strides in recent years but World Paper Day is an opportunity to remind people of the benefits of choosing digital over paper.

“As well as the obvious environmental and cost savings of going paper-free, digital has many other advantages. With the recent changes to data protection regulations, it is a lot more secure to store data digitally than on paper with less risk of confidential documents being left on desks. Digital records are also easier to backup, search and share than paper records, not to mention the fact digital doesn’t take up as much space as paper.

“For customers, the benefits of going digital are even far more reaching. Customers who have registered with our website are able to manage their rent accounts, talk to our advisors through “live chat” and much more, without having to leave their armchairs.

“Being versed in the World Wide Web also enables residents to access discounts of goods and services and it can tackle loneliness and social exclusion by helping people connect with family, friends or hobbies.”

You can get yourself online, help others get online or find out more about how you can help yourself, your friends and your family be more effective online by visiting

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