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Fire Door Safety Week 2018

Fire Door Safety Week 2018

Living in a block of flats doesn’t mean you’re at anymore risk of a fire, but it does mean you need to think about fire safety and the impact a fire could have on other residents. We’re supporting fire door safety week (24th to 30th September), helping ensure our tenants are safe in their home.

Your front door and other doors both inside your flat and within the block are fire doors. Please keep fire doors closed - they are designed to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes, protecting you and your neighbours in the case of a fire.

Fire doors can also help prevent the spreading of fire and smoke to communal areas. Propping a fire door open or altering the self-closing device can cause a serious fire risk to you and other residents in your block. Please don’t make any changes to your doors without permission from Together Housing.


For more information watch our fire door safety video here.

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