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BDO Darts world champion hits the bullseye at Intack

BDO Darts world champion hits the bullseye at Intack

bdo scott

Together Housing Group’s resident darts champion Scott Waites popped into a Blackburn primary school to help pupils become the double tops in maths.

The two-time BDO Darts champion took part in a special assembly at Intack Primary School where the children got a chance to ask the champ some questions about his career on the darts circuit.

Then the Together Housing Group Repairs Inspector showed the children how he uses maths in his matches, and showed them how it’s done by helping them brush up on their darts skills by using special soft-tipped darts.

It’s all part of the social housing group’s commitment  to invest in the communities they operate within, and improving numeracy is one of the key areas that can  help people achieve their potential.

The champ said, “There’s an obvious connection between darts and maths so I’m hoping the children enjoyed a very different kind of lesson.

 “As an organisation, we do a lot of work in the community to help people meet their potential by opening them up to new experiences and creating new life chances so it was great to see the children having a great time.

“It was nice to see them having a go as well, it’s a fun way to learn and there might be a budding world champion among them in the future!

“Darts is used as a maths resource very successfully in other parts of the world so hopefully we can help make it so here.”

Year 6 teacher Alex Miller said the children loved having a world champion in the school.

He added: "Scott coming into school has really inspired the children and shown them what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

“Learning is always easier when combined with fun, and the darts games played, were really enjoyed by the children."

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