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Agnes finds her forever home with Together Housing

Agnes finds her forever home with Together Housing

After years of struggling with severe back pain to access her private rented home at the top of several steep steps, Agnes Edith Ratcliffe* has found her forever home with Together Housing Group.

Agnes suffers from lumbar spondylosis, a degenerative condition which affects the lower spine. As such, every day was a struggle to climb the 22 steep steps to access her home.

She said: “I had reached a point of utter desperation. My back pain was excruciating so I started to look for alternative accommodation.”

Agnes registered with her local authority’s Property Shop but after being told there was a 13 week waiting list, she decided to broaden her search.

“When I searched online and saw the Together Housing Group flat, something just told me ‘this is where you need to be living’.

“After a flurry of phone calls and emails, Neighbourhood Officer Mary Ward understood my predicament and referred my application to Lettings Advisor Karen Bryan, who immediately contacted me regarding my suitability to rent. I was so happy I wept.

“No sooner had we completed this process than Mary was phoning me to tell me that her colleague Glynis Davis would be meeting me at the flat the next day to see if I could take the keys.

“It is a lovely flat, in a quiet setting. This is simply the place I had wanted to move to for a long time. I am so grateful. Every morning when I wake up I cannot help but think of just how happy and how lucky I am.

“This flat is secure and quiet. There is an intercom and always-locked main entrance doors. There are two fire alarms. The boiler was checked for safety and efficiency. I feel very safe and happy in the flat. Soon after moving into the flat, I met a couple of neighbours with whom I have become friends.

“Hardly two weeks passed at my new address before I felt I was at peace.

“Mary was so kind to me kind to me in a way that is difficult to express. I contacted her out of sheer desperation. She listened to my plight and did something about it.

“I shall always profoundly thank Together Housing from the bottom of my heart – not only for their superb efficiency with which they handled my application, but also for how their letting conditions are less rigid and therefore suitable for people that might be struggling. There was no one-to-two months’ rent deposit request, no application fees and no tenancy agreement fees. In their endeavour to put roofs over the heads of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, Together Housing makes this world such a pleasant place to live.”

Agnes added: “Every day I wake up, I thank God. Had Together Housing not rehoused me, I have no idea what might have happened to me. I have not a clue where I would be today, or in what state I would be, or whether I would be here at all. “

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the tenant.

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