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#HousingDay - A brew with a view

#HousingDay - A brew with a view

Working in housing, especially high-rise blocks, might often be associated with inner-city concrete jungles. But it’s not like that, especially for Together Housing’s Mike Sykes.

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Living on the top floor of Bridlington’s tallest sea-facing tower block, Caretaker Mike Sykes takes pride in looking after Ebor House, a property owned and run by Together Housing Group: “A typical day will start by checking every floor, making sure that common areas are well looked after, and making sure all of the lights, lifts and electrics are running okay. I go outside and check for rubbish, tidy the grounds and keep an eye on the bins.”

Whilst Mike looks after the day-to-day running of Ebor House, he works hard behind the scenes to keep things in check: “I make sure the intercom system and fob readers are working, and check for any issues which need further attention. I often go out to see residents, who may need help or advice, as well as doing my scheduled up-keep tasks”.

But Mike’s commitment doesn’t end there, working as the caretaker at Ebor House for 27 years, he insists that it’s the friendly resident’s who put a smile on his face. “I came to work here to see the difference that social housing makes to somebody who needs a home.

“The aspect I really enjoy is being able to help, whether it’s practical or just useful advice. I work closely with the residents as I think personal contact is important. I like to make sure that every flat is up-to-date with any happenings.

“The most rewarding thing about my job is when people say a simple thank you!”

The beauty of Mike’s job doesn’t stop there; living on the top floor of the tower block has its own rewards: “My flat overlooks the harbour and the south side of Bridlington, the views are tremendous.”

“At the end of a hard day it’s nice to put my feet up with a brew and admire the view. What a way to chill."

Mike Sykes


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