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5 star gas service

5 star gas service

5 out of 5 – that’s the rating Bacup tenant Chris Finn gave for the customer service provided by one of our gas engineers, Jo Riding when she serviced Chris’ boiler this autumn. Chris gave Jo a perfect score on our text-based customer feedback system, adding: “She was lovely. Efficient and did her job well.”

Chris knew she wasn’t going to be in for the gas check as she had another appointment. Instead of just not being in and wasting time and money that could have been spent on services for tenants, Chris phoned her Customer Service Centre, spoke to one of Together Housing’s friendly Planners and arranged another appointment that was convenient for her.

“Jo was really nice,” said Chris, “she was very patient explaining why it’s important to check the boiler is working properly and it’s not leaking carbon monoxide. It’s for the good of my health.” Like many tenants, Chris didn’t understand why her boiler had to be checked every year and Jo was happy to answer all her questions.

Jo was delighted to receive Chris’ compliment. “It’s always good to know we’re appreciated. When I’m going into customers’ homes, it’s important they feel comfortable, so I try to put people at their ease and answer their questions,” said Jo.   

“It’s really important customers are in for their boiler check,” added Jo, “If we can’t do the checks, we can’t find any faults and we want our customers to be safe in their homes.”


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