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Repairs Service Update

Repairs Service Update

Caring for your home

Earlier this year we featured our repairs service and our responsibility for keeping your home comfortable, warm and safe.

We explained that tenants are responsible for doing small repairs. Tenants are also expected to pay for work that isn’t the result of normal wear and tear, for example lost keys, fitting replacement internal doors, replacing glass to windows and for clearing pipes and drains blocked by inappropriate items. A full list of tenant responsible repairs is available on our website.

The good news is that the number of repairs requested is down and we can use any money saved to carry out genuine repairs and improvements. Even better, this way of working is helping tenants to look after their own homes.

It’s also helped us to identify vulnerable tenants who are struggling to maintain their tenancy, so support can be provided.

Service Reviews

It’s good practice that we continue to review our services to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency. In December 2015, residents’ representatives reviewed service standards associated with repairs and maintenance.

Residents from across the Group identified several differences in the services offered by each association. Residents requested that a consistent level of service should be provided across the Group, where possible.

As a result, we will no longer consider certain repair requests. Any changes won’t compromise our obligations as a fair and responsible landlord, and many tenants won’t notice any changes in the service.

Examples of work that will no longer be done are: fixing a toilet seat, replacing a washing line, a shower curtain or a plug and chain on a sink.

A comprehensive list can be found in the tenant responsible repairs section.

Service improvements

We have introduced text messaging appointment reminders for repairs that should be completed within 28 days and for all gas servicing work.

These reminders are helping to reduce the cost of missed appointments. Last year, £500,000 was wasted because technicians weren’t able to access
properties to do repairs.

In early 2017, new videos produced by our repairs teams will be available online. These will provide helpful advice on how to do simple repairs and look after your home, for example how to replace a sink plug and chain, manage condensation and avoid blocking a toilet.

We will also improve access to our procedures and policies by making them available on our website.

By early March, we will use text messaging to help test how satisfied tenants are with our repairs service.

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