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Party safe this Christmas

Party safe this Christmas

Many of us do a lot of drinking during December, with Mad Friday dubbed ‘the craziest night of the year’, seeing people from across the country swarming their local pubs and clubs to revel in the joy of the festive season. Preparing yourself for your big night out is the best way to enjoy the festive fun safely.


Eat before you drink

You might have heard that eating before going out is a wise idea, and it’s true. It stops alcohol from flooding your body’s systems, giving you energy for the long night ahead and lessening your hangover the next day. Staying well-hydrated might even help you avoid that dreaded hangover all together!

Safe night out

It goes without saying that we want to spend our nights with our nearest and dearest, but it’s easy to wander off alone when you’ve been drinking, or not notice that a friend is missing. Try and stick with your friends as best you can, but we know that’s easier said than done, so make sure you have a trusted taxi on hand and enough cash to get you home safely.  

Keys, money, straighteners

Drink and drug-related behaviour can increase the risk of fire in the home – don’t let alcohol ruin Christmas. If you’re heading out of the house in a hurry, don’t forget the all important things on the way, switch off your hair stylers, Christmas lights and any other electronics, as well as stubbing out cigarettes and blowing out candles.

Out of the frying pan…

We’ve all felt peckish as our celebrations draw to a close, and as tempting as it can be to pop some chicken nuggets in the oven, it’s a dangerous idea. Falling asleep with your oven, grill or hob in use could end in a disaster if it catches fire, switch your fakeaway for a takeaway and let the chefs do the cooking!

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