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Christmas 'elf and safety

Christmas 'elf and safety

Christmas is a special time for celebration, but with all the glimmering lights, extra cooking and festive mindset, it’s also a time to be aware of fire hazards. The chance of accidental fire in the home increases over the Christmas period, with more occurring during December than any other time of year.

Check the halls

Twinkling lights adorn many homes over Christmas, but you want your Christmas tree to be the centrepiece of your home and not a fuel for fire. You can avoid an electrical fire by checking that your decorations meet safety standards, and not allowing them to overheat. Be careful not to overload plug sockets, you could even swap your candles for LED candles to reduce the risk of fire.

As well as electrical safety, make sure you have a clear escape route. This could help save a life if you have a fire, stay out and ring 999.


Cooking chaos

We know everybody wants to muck in with the cooking on Christmas Day, but try and keep your tipsy guests away from the kitchen and don’t let the stress of Christmas dinner tempt you to have one too many proseccos! 


Smoke kills

It may seem obvious, but it’s an easy one to forget amidst the mayhem! Make sure that all of your smoke alarms are working before indulging in festivities, for the safety of you and your guests.

Smoke (2)

Turn off before turning in

Once all the partying is over, remember to turn off any Christmas decorations, put out any candles and make sure any internal doors are closed before collapsing into bed! Take extra care when smoking at home, you could easily fall asleep with a cigarette in your hand and accidentally start a fire.



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