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Caring for your home

Caring for your home

Caring for your home is a shared responsibility. Responsibility is shared between us as your housing association and you, the tenant

Our responsibilities 

We care for your home because we want it to be comfortable, warm and safe for you and your family. We also want to keep the property in good condition for other tenants who may use it in the future.

Your responsibilities 

You can care for your home by keeping it in a good condition and by reporting any faults or damage to us immediately. You are also responsible for doing small repairs and you might also have to pay for repairs that are your responsibility. This approach has been agreed with tenants who have said it’s fair and reasonable as part of developing our new repairs service standard.

We will charge tenants for repairs that are their responsibility. These repairs are called Tenant Responsible Repairs. Examples of Tenant Responsible Repairs include:

  • repairs due to deliberate damage caused by the tenant or another person at their property
  • repairs due to misuse or abuse of the property
  • repairs due to unauthorised improvements or modifications to the property

Tenants will also be charged for legal costs arising from not allowing us access to the property to complete our annual gas safety check.

Waste Left By Tenant

George Paterson, Group Director of Assets at Together Housing, said: “Until recently we have not taken a firm enough approach with tenants who fail to help us keep their homes in the high standards they and we expect. Tenants who cause damage to their homes, or who fail to allow us reasonable access will be charged the cost of putting things right.

“We will also charge tenants who leave properties needing major repairs, or who leave a lot of waste and belongings. These cases can cost us a lot of money and in the end it is other tenants who are paying the bill for the few tenants who do not look after their properties.”

For more information about Tenant Responsible Repairs, download our new leaflet here.

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