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Tenant Resources

Tenant Resources


Flooding Advice


Flood advice for householders.


Our services over Christmas 2019

Caitlin Bastow 20/12/2019

During the holiday period our offices will be closed on the bank holidays and we have some temporary…


Party safe this Christmas

Molly Nicholas 06/12/2018

Preparing yourself for your Christmas nights out is the best way to enjoy the festive fun safely.


Christmas 'elf and safety

Molly Nicholas 04/12/2018

Christmas is a special time for celebration, but it’s also a time to be aware of fire hazards.


Secondary heating in your home

Molly Nicholas 03/12/2018

In 2016, we made a pledge to refuse any requests for secondary heating, and to stop fitting…


Carbon monoxide - the secret killer

Thomas Holmes 26/11/2018

What is carbon monoxide? Do you know what to do if you can smell gas?


Frauds and scams: Don't be a victim


Tracey, a Social Worker, tells us how she was able to help a victim of fraud to turn their life…


Frauds and scams: Protect yourself

Molly Nicholas 22/06/2018

Although fraud can come in many different forms, there are some simple steps you can take to protect…


Frauds and scams: How big is the problem?

Molly Nicholas 08/06/2018

72% of people living in the UK will be targeted by scammers. Would you know how to spot a scam?


Spot danger signs of debt

Molly Nicholas 23/04/2018

Debt isn’t something for people to be terrified of, but it’s something they mustn’t ignore. Our…

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Domestic Abuse Easy Read Resource


Domestic Abuse can come in many forms, this is an easy read guide, highlighting some of the signs…


Legionnaires’ disease

Ross Ironfield 18/07/2017

To avoid Legionnaires’ disease, follow these simple procedures