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Willow Court residents get creative

Willow Court residents get creative

Willow Court residents put their artistic skills to the test recently at their weekly art group.

Willow Court, an extra care scheme in Calderdale, welcomes an art group to the scheme every Thursday, who encourage residents to join them and express themselves in different types of artwork, from painting with water colours and oils, to charcoal and pencil drawings. The group have produced some fantastic artworks which are displayed throughout the scheme, namely their Tour de Yorkshire artwork created a few years ago.


This year, the group have worked hard to produce a commissioned artwork which they presented to the Extra Care Scheme Manager Su Gibba. The framed piece of art details different aspects of Willow Court from the furniture and ornaments, to tenants playing dominoes.

This new artwork will be hung near the Bistro area, alongside their Tour de Yorkshire piece, for all of the residents and staff to enjoy. Being part of the art group allows residents to form friendships with their neighbours at the scheme and combat social isolation, as well as getting involved in new and creative challenges.


Su said: “It’s a wonderful piece of art work that captures different aspects of Willow Court. We are very happy to receive this piece of art work, and I would like to say a big thanks to the art group on behalf of myself and all of the residents.”

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