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Three years of supported housing

Three years of supported housing

Residents at Potters Place Extra Care scheme are celebrating three years of supported housing. To mark the three year anniversary, residents of the Extra Care scheme held a fundraising activity afternoon on Friday 18th August.

The anniversary was a perfect opportunity for residents to celebrate and reflect on their experiences of supported housing, whilst supporting the Starts at Home campaign. The fundraising afternoon was run by residents, bringing the community together over a number of games. Residents took part in the tombola, double decker and matching card games, guess the weight of a chocolate jar and guess the money in the jar. As well as raising a grand total of £332, generous prizes were up for grabs from a bottle of gin to cash prizes.

The event not only saw residents coming together to celebrate three years of safe, independent, living but also saw money raised that will fund future entertainment and social events. Marie Goodwin, Extra Care scheme manager, explains why fundraising is so important: “Fundraising enables us to support tenants to have social events, which is essential for their wellbeing. Fundraising brings people together and enables them to socialise.”

The fundraising afternoon gave residents the opportunity to celebrate supported housing and show their support for the Starts at Home campaign. Starts at Home is a campaign run by the National Housing Federation which shows the importance of supported housing, and how it is able to offer residents independence, confidence and stability. Marie explains why supported housing is so important, “Supported housing is valuable for anyone wanting to remain independent, but have some extra support and care, having the chance to socialise and feel part of a community.”

Working in supported housing allows staff to feel a great sense of accomplishment, says Marie: “Knowing that we make a difference to our tenants by supporting them, getting them involved and providing excellent support – particularly, organising and witnessing events where people get involved and enjoy themselves.”

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