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Supported housing helps Margaret get back on her feet

Supported housing helps Margaret get back on her feet

Margaret Greaves was living in a flat in Todmorden a few years ago when she had a fall and broke her hip. “I lost my confidence in getting out and about on my own”, says Margaret. “I used a walking stick for a long time, and while I had no serious accidents or breaks I was still having small falls.

“About three years ago I was lucky enough to move into Mytholm Meadows. I needed somewhere with a walk in shower because I could no longer use the bath in the flat I previously lived in, but Mytholm Meadows has given me so much more.”

The support that Margaret receives at her Extra Care scheme in Hebden Bridge means that she has been able to keep living independently, with accessible facilities and support on hand whenever she needs it. Moving into Mytholm Meadows soon gave Margaret the confidence she needed to get going again, and when she got herself a walker it wasn’t long before she was regaining confidence.

“The walker helped me a lot and I was able to get around the scheme easily, but I still felt nervous about going any further. That’s when I joined the Walking for Health group with my friend Julie.

“Walking for Health is run by Ted, one of our local Practice Health Champions. He comes into our supported housing scheme every Monday morning and helps us to do a route around the scheme, stopping along the way to do stretches. The route challenges me because it has some slopes, a few steps and uneven paths – but it has really helped me to feel more confident about using my walker outside.

“After nine months of the Monday morning routine, I decided to be brave and tackle getting on the bus. Julie and I caught the bus to Todmorden and walked all around the market and even stopped for a cuppa. I feel so proud of myself; I know that I couldn’t have done this without Walking For Health or my supported housing scheme. The future is bright and I’m planning more trips out and about on my own.

“I was so pleased when I was first offered my flat at Mytholm Meadows, and looking back, my life has changed a lot since moving here. I have made some really good friends who I spend a lot of time with. There is a lot going on socially and I find the on-site hairdressers and scheme shop are a blessing for me.”

The Government recently announced that rent funding for all types of supported housing is to remain in the welfare system, ensure supported housing tenants like Margaret will continue to have secure and stable homes. Thanks to this announcement, Margaret will be celebrating Starts at Home Day on the 31st August, a campaign that promotes the vital role that supported housing plays in offering a lifeline of support to many older and vulnerable people.

“Without supported housing, I would have been stuck in an unsuitable flat which caused accessibility problems for me. I love living here, it’s a busy place and I like having my own routine. I know there is help here if I need it, but I am also able to relax and enjoy my own social life.”


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