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Lavender Court's gardening club blossoms

Lavender Court's gardening club blossoms

Residents at Lavender Court Extra Care scheme have received local funding to support their community gardening club. The friendly gardening club meet weekly to keep their communal garden looking its best over the summer months, with the Stairfoot Ward Alliance granting funding that will support the development of the garden.

Alongside funding for plants and compost, residents suggested that raised flower beds would make the gardening club accessible to disabled residents. Extra Care scheme manager Daniel Gormanly believes that making the gardening club accessible to all residents is important: “The residents enjoy the gardening because it gives them exercise, social participations and a sense of pride in improving the environment they live in. The idea for the raised beds came from the residents, as some of them struggle to reach down or get involved in the gardening.”

Daniel was introduced to the Stairfoot Ward Alliance by a council visitor, and with the help of residents submitted an application. The Stairfoot Ward Alliance represents Lavender Court’s local area and receives funding from Barnsley council to develop community groups. Daniel believes that local funding is vital in developing communal groups within the scheme, “It is crucial that we access local community funds to improve our facilities as other funding is limited or no longer available”.

Extra Care enables older people to continue living independently, within a safe and supportive environment. Care and support services are personalised to meet each person’s needs, whilst offering a ready-made community, good neighbours and a chance to enjoy life in later years.  

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