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Cines of the times

Cines of the times

DSC_0790Tenants at one of our Halifax Housing with Care schemes have been sharing their memories after watching a film about Halifax through the ages.

The film, that used archive footage filmed mainly by the town’s cine club, covered everything from the opening of major factories and retail outlets to a parade of elephants from Billy Smart’s circus.  After watching the film, tenants at Clement Court scheme reflected on their memories.

Dee, who lives at the scheme, said she was enthralled by the film: “The scenes of parades and floats reminded me of my childhood. All the people working in mills made me think of my mum who worked in a mill making Axminster carpets. And it’s right, we all used to get dressed-up in our best clothes to go on holiday by train to Blackpool. The film was a good way of bringing back memories.”

DSC_0795Sue Lewis said having the opportunity to get together for social events, including reminiscing is so important as we get older: “Housing with care means that older people can still live in their own home, with the help needed to maintain independence and the chance to get together with friends and neighbours for events like this.  Looking back and remembering days gone by is such a pleasure and being able to keep enjoying life is a crucial part of keeping well in older age.”

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