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Your views matter

Your views matter

The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations in England, has started a consultation about their plans to strengthen the relationship between housing associations and tenants.

Housing associations work hard to create a positive relationship with their tenants, alongside aiming to provide safe, decent and affordable homes. However, housing associations know they do not always get it right for everyone, and are not always as accountable as they should be to their tenants.

The National Housing Federation has developed a draft plan for strengthening the relationship between housing associations and their tenants and they want your feedback.

The four actions in their draft plan are:

  • A new requirement in our Code of Governance for boards to be accountable to their tenants.
  • A new charter setting out what tenants can expect from their housing association landlord.
  • Tenant oversight and scrutiny of the charter with a report on how their landlord is doing against charter commitments.
  • A closer link with regulation.

The National Housing Federation wants your feedback on their plan. Visit their website to submit your feedback by Friday 19 April.

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