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Together Housing was a life saver

Together Housing was a life saver

Agnieszka, a tenant on the Colliers Estate, a new development built by Together Housing in partnership with Wates, has been speaking of how Together Housing saved her and her family in their time of need.

Agnieszka moved from Poland to England in the summer of 2015 so that her husband, who had recently graduated, and her could find work and so her son, who has a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome, could get the support he needs in school.

After having to leave her first home because the landlord was moving back in, she moved into a home owned by a private agency.

“I thought everything would be OK,” she said, however she was to be proved wrong.  She told how she felt that the conditions were ‘absolutely dreadful’ and she was left scared of getting a shock from the faulty electric shower. She didn’t want her family to live in a home where they were frightened to take a shower and where dirt on the walls had not been cleaned but simply painted over.

Fortunately, Pauline Collingwood, a Neighbourhood Officer from Together Housing, was there to help, support and guide Agnieszka and her family through the process of finding a home quickly during that troubling time. Pauline told Agnieszka that she could get one of the new houses that were being built.  “Pauline was a life saver,” she said.

Agnieszka moved into a new scheme called the Colliers Estate which had been built by Wates on behalf of Together Housing Group near Wakefield.  The community includes 64 brand new general needs homes, bungalows and a 67 bed Extra Care scheme, with easy access to local amenities.


Agnieszka said that if Pauline hadn’t been there for her then she would have been forced to move away and take away her son’s familiar surroundings, which would have been devastating for him.  Her husband, who has a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, would also have found the situation stressful, she said.  She added:  “The vision of having a secure, safe and permanent place to stay was a real relief both for me and for them.”

Now, settled in their South Elmsall home, both Agnieszka and her husband work in a warehouse where they both enjoy their jobs and the security of a long term tenancy.   Agnieszka can now enjoy her hobbies of crafts and cooking in the comfort of a clean, new and affordable home.  “It’s wonderful to have a home that we can settle in and make our own,” she said.

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