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Shared Ownership Focus Group

Shared Ownership Focus Group

On Wednesday 9th May our Resident Engagement Team were joined in Hull by Shared Owners from the local area to take part in a focus group. Twelve Shared Owners came together, as well as the Home Ownership and Sales Teams to give valuable feedback about our services.

At this focus group we were able to explore Shared Owners experiences in detail and understand how we can improve our services to them.

We looked at how our Sales process works and how new properties are marketed for Shared Ownership and handed over. After the handover, we discussed what services we continue to provide, and how these are managed and communicated, including digital engagement.

Within the focus group we were able to discuss different issues and aspects of our services. All of our attendees had an opportunity to feedback verbally; with additional options to complete feedback forms with individual issues they would like addressing.

Attendees were thankful for the information we were able to provide, as well as the opportunity we gave them to share and understand each other’s issues. The attendees will now be working with us to check our Sales and Home Ownership website areas and ensure that information is useful and gives home owners the opportunity to raise questions and make queries 24/7.

Our Resident Engagement Team hope to maintain contact with these customers and call on them for future consultations and shared experiences to help us to continue to improve our overall services and customer satisfaction.

These discussions were very valuable for our staff and the contributions from Shared Owners were greatly appreciated. Attendees enjoyed hot and tasty steak pie and mushy pies as a thank you for their time, and the evening ended on a high with a happy customer winning shopping vouchers in the prize draw.

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