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Halifax neighbours come together over joy of communal gardening

Halifax neighbours come together over joy of communal gardening

What started off as a bit of grass cutting here and there for Halifax resident Glynn Helliwell, soon became a mini gardening community for him and his neighbours.

Glynn and his neighbours have really taken to their new found hobby taking care of their communal gardens and now they’re reaping the benefits of the seeds they’ve sowed too. As well as creating a beautiful garden for all of their neighbours to enjoy, they’ve developed new friendships over their love of gardening.

While we provide the resident group with compost, the neighbours take it upon themselves to get stuck into all of the hard work; planting and maintaining the flowers all year round. Over the years, the group have been able to buy a lawnmower to cut the grass, built their own flower boxes and plant seedlings every year – meaning they never have to buy any plants.

Glynn said: “I know they’re Together Housing’s houses, but at the end of the day we live here, and we want to make it as nice as we can. We paint and we decorate, so why not plant flowers as well?

“For me, your garden is like your font room, if it’s nice outside it’ll be nice inside too.”

All three neighbours in the block are retired and enjoy spending their time taking care of the gardens - with a little help from Sandy the rabbit to dig the holes and maintain the marigolds.

With the neighbours already spending lots of time outside looking after the rabbits they said it makes perfect sense to take care of their garden, and being able to do it with the support of each other is even better.

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