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Stay safe from scams this Christmas

Stay safe from scams this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, Together Housing are working closely with trading standards departments across our area to help tenants be aware of the risks of scams during the festive season, the January sales that follow and throughout the year.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards have produced a factsheet and produce a regular newsletter making people aware of some of the scams they know are operating in their area.

Zoe Aspinall, Safeguarding Coordinator for Together Housing Group, said even the smartest people could be taken in: “Scams come in all shapes and sizes, from online offers to telephone calls or people knocking on the door.  Scammers work in very sophisticated ways to make people think they are genuine, so it always pays to be aware.

“These resources, developed by the SAFER Project, can help people stay one step ahead of the scammers.”

Anyone can download the SAFER project factsheet here, or can look for further details of their local trading standards.

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Kevin does public relations and digital inclusion work across Together Housing Group.

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