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Stay safe from rogue traders

Stay safe from rogue traders


Not everyone who calls at your front door is out to trick you or steal from your home. But we should all keep a lookout for Rogue Doorstep Traders and Bogus Callers. Here’s some helpful advice.

Rogue Doorstep Traders

Rogue Doorstep Traders will offer you home improvement or gardening services, or try to sell you goods as a way to get money from you.

Bogus Callers

Bogus Callers will pretend to be from an organisation such as the council or an energy company. They will try to trick their way inside your home to steal your money or other valuables.

Police Advice

Top 10 tips to protect yourself from doorstep crime.

Close and lock your back door before answering the front door.

Use a spy hole if you have one, chain or window to have a look at the caller before answering the door. If you don’t recognise them, speak through the closed and locked door.

Don’t feel pressured into opening the door. Don’t feel you are being rude, genuine callers won’t mind.

Never buy goods or services from people calling unexpectedly at your door.

Always ask for proof of identity. Take it from the person (through the letterbox) and read it carefully.

Don’t use telephone numbers on ID cards. If the person isn’t genuine, the ID and telephone number won't be either. Check by using telephone numbers of companies direct from the phone directory.

If the caller is selling something or offering work on your home or garden, tell them that you are not interested and ask them to leave.

If they don’t leave, tell them you will call the Police.

Set up passwords with your utility companies, genuine callers will need to give this password to you.

Look out for those who are vulnerable within your family or neighbourhood.

Remember, treat every stranger with caution. If you are suspicious about a caller inform the Police on 101 or in an emergency dial 999.

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