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Stay gas safe

Stay gas safe

Every year, approximately 40 people die in England and Wales as a result of poor gas work and faulty or old appliances.

On top of this, there are also more than 200 non-fatal injuries and over 4,000 people who attend A&E diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Using an appliance that is poorly maintained, fitted incorrectly or using poor quality fuel increases your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or accidental injury.

This is why we want to help you keep your appliances safe.

As your landlord, we are legally responsible for maintaining your gas boiler. Every year, we complete an annual boiler check at all of our properties supplied with gas. This is a FREE service to our tenants which puts your safety first. On average, boiler services with a private engineer cost up to £100.

Help us to help you by being in for your free annual gas servicing appointment.

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