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Improving your online experience

Improving your online experience

We've made some changes to the Together Housing website to make your experience online easier than ever before.

We've made a number of changes to the content, structure and navigation of our website. Our aim was to create a more user-friendly experience based how our customers use our website.

The website has the same look and feel and it will just be easier to find the information that you are looking for.  Behind the scenes, we are also working hard to improve the online services offered to customers via our website and App.  

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Why have these changes been made?

We regularly review how you use the website. This allows us to see what search terms are inputted onto the site and how the site is currently used by residents.  This has shown us what is missing, or what we need to make stand out more.

In addition to the existing online customer feedback, we have also taken into account reports from our Scrutiny Panel.

How will this affect you?

Over the week beginning 25th February, we will be making the changes late at night and you may notice things aren’t in the place they used to be. We will try to keep this disruption to a minimum.

So what should you expect?

To start with, we have approached our website with you in mind. We have created Frequently Asked Question sections so that you are able to find the answer that you are looking for. We have also worked to make the information we supply easier to understand in smaller, bite size chunks.

The website will lead you, rather than expect you to know where to go, through clear instructions and navigation.

We hope that you enjoy the changes that we are making and we have arranged focus groups with a range of customers from across our locations to tell us what they think.  If you are a Together Housing resident and have any feedback on the site then please email

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