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Government asks for tenants' views

Government asks for tenants' views

The Government has written to Together Housing asking for tenants’ views on how social housing works.

Alok Sharma MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning, said in his letter: “I am meeting tenants across England to hear about issues and concerns regarding social housing and gain an understanding of how to give tenants a more effective voice.

“By the end of this process, I want to have built a comprehensive picture of the issues tenants have raised about social housing , identify any common concerns or good practice that can inform our national approach.

“I’m keen that we enable as many tenants as possible to share their views.”

In order to reach as many tenants as possible, he provided an online questionnaire, available at, which is open until Wednesday, 31st January, 2018.  “I would ask you to encourage your tenants to take part by expressing their views here,” he added.

Please take part in the survey, which ionly takes 15 minutes to complete.