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Electrical safety in your home

Electrical safety in your home

There are about 20,000 accidental electrical fires in homes every year in Great Britain, resulting in around 50 deaths and 3500 injuries.

The three major hazards from electricity in the home are electric shock, fire and burns. These can happen due to:

  • Damage over time to electrical equipment such as cables, sockets and switches
  • Misuse of electrical equipment
  • Lack of maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Vandalism

To keep you safe in your home, we check your electricity every 5 years.

We will contact you by letter when your electricity check is due to be done. We will also call to confirm the appointment. For your safety and the safety of your family and neighbours, please be in for your electricity check appointment, or contact your Customer Service Centre to rearrange if necessary.

The electricity check can take 3 hours to do. Your electricity will be switched off for about an hour. In some cases, the check might take longer with the electricity switched off for more than an hour. Please contact your Customer Service Centre if switching off your electricity would cause you any problems, such as affecting vital health equipment.

In the check, our qualified electrician will make sure:

  • Electrical circuits and equipment aren’t overloaded
  • There aren’t any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards
  • There isn’t any faulty electric work
  • Your home is safe before they leave

After the 5 year inspection, we will produce an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) confirming the electricity in your home is safe, or if any major work is required.

Stay safe – be in for your electricity safety check.

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