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Don't be a Blocker - Behind the Scenes

Don't be a Blocker - Behind the Scenes

When we were first tasked with the idea of creating a video that encouraged tenants not to flush wet wipes down the toilet, we must admit we were a bit stumped. We couldn’t help but feel that blocked toilets and sinks was going to be a difficult creative challenge.

Facts are facts; blocked toilets and sinks cost Together Housing over £300,000 a year, so something had to be done to prevent us flushing even more money down the pan. It’s a serious subject, but it certainly didn’t need a serious approach.

We decided a subject like this was the perfect opportunity for us to put a bit of humour into our videos. We were ready to start a war on blockers!

We can all agree kids are brilliant; they always say what they’re thinking and can generally get away with being brutally honest. What better way to get across our message than having the kids do the hard work, in their own way?

We lined up 6 wonderful volunteers aged 4-12 and put together a very loose storyboard of shots we needed to get. The old saying “never work with children or animals” was in our minds, but the children were brilliant, real professionals even when we asked them to repeat a sentence for the 100th time. They didn’t stop smiling all day.  

We’re so pleased with how all three videos have come together. The best bits came when we kept the camera rolling and caught the kids having fun and being themselves.

Please, please comment, like, share and retweet when you see the videos on our social media. We’re trying to get as much engagement as possible to spread our Don’t be a Blocker message far and wide!

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