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Bad Weather & Repairs Service Update

Bad Weather & Repairs Service Update

Following a weekend of appalling weather and with weather warnings in place across much of our area until Thursday, we are asking residents to bear with us while we deal with a high level of demand.

High winds and flooding led to the out-of-hours service taking a very high number of calls and repairs staff had to work to prioritise calls to those most in need, while remembering that many closed roads made it hard to reach some areas. We sincerely apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this and assure them that Together Housing are doing all they can to address everyone’s concerns as soon as possible. We are working hard to clear a backlog, responding in strict priority order. However, continued road closures and the prospect of more severe weather continues to hamper efforts and we may need to reschedule existing appointments to meet more urgent needs.

As a result, we are asking asking customers to: 

  • Stay safe. If you think you or your family are in immediate danger dial 999. If you are concerned about electrics and flooding, please switch off the power at the fuse box and, if possible, visit friends or relatives until you can contact us for advice. If you need to leave your house, please do so, secure it if safe to do so and contact us for urgent advice.
  • Consider whether the repair is urgent. Please only contact us with urgent repairs.
  • Please keep trying to contact us if you are on hold – we understand it is frustrating but our call staff will get to you. Please note that we cannot give advice over social media outside of working hours.  We understand that even a small amount of water or damage to your home can cause you distress and that it needs addressing. We will address your concerns and we do ask that you report them. However, please understand that there may be other people whose needs we have to address first.
  • Please understand that we will get to every repair in time but, in order to address serious issues elsewhere we might have to re-schedule your appointment. We apologise for any inconvenience if we have to do this, but we’re sure you understand that we have to address the most urgent needs first.
  • Keep up to date on weather and safety information using social media. Your local council, local news organisations, the Met Office and many other agencies maintain feeds on Facebook, Twitter and other media that provide up-to-date information and advice. Some local communities are offering support hubs for those affected by flooding.

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