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Transparency Survey

Transparency Survey

In December 2019 we asked for your views about what information residents would like to see Together Housing provide.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. We had a fantastic 690 responses! It’s really useful for us to see what information you would be interested in so that we can focus our information and make sure it is relevant and interesting.

We are proposing to make more information available to our residents. We want to be open, honest and transparent with our customers. Providing you with the right information is important to us. We are currently working through your feedback, which will be used to shape the information we publish. There will be more information about what will be published within the next few months and we will let you know more about this then.

We have also now drawn the winners of the prize draw, a first prize winner and two runners up. You can read more about the first prize winner here.

This is a brief summary of the survey results:

  • The most important information to residents is information about how we provide safe homes
  • The least important information is about what our Board members do and how much they get paid
  • There is most interest in property services information, such as about repairs and how we invest in your home, with four of the top five most important information options being about property services
  • There is little interest in information about our financial position and about Board members
  • 46% of residents who responded to the survey thought the information options we provided covered what they wanted to see
  • The most common comments regarding other information residents would like to see is information on investment works (e.g. new kitchens or bathrooms), information and contact with Neighbourhood Officers, and raising issues relating specifically to them or their property.

Thanks again to those who took part in the survey.

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