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Home Styling: How to accessorise

Home Styling: How to accessorise

Accessories can be the perfect finishing touch that changes a room from a space in a house to a part of a home. We spoke to interior designer Kelly Jones about how small accessories can have a big impact.

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Finishing touch

If you are redecorating a room you should leave buying accessories until last. Sometimes your initial plan for a room may change during the decorating process which could mean your accessories no longer go with your design.

Groups of three

Accessorising can be hard. Too many and your space can look cluttered, too little and everything looks empty. So, what is best amount? Kelly suggests that three is the magic number to group accessories in, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Every room is different and there is no harm in adding or removing an accessory until you achieve the look you want.


To help your accessories tie in with your room look for ones which are a similar colour to the colour scheme you have chosen for your room. This can really help make your accessories pop and look like they belong in the space.

Shapes and sizes

When grouping accessories you can try experimenting with items of different heights and shapes. This can help make your display look eye-catching.

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