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You said, we did

You said, we did

We are always keen to hear the views of our customers on the services and information we provide. Last year we carried out a survey on our current website, and it was great to hear your thoughts and feedback. Here are some specific suggestions you made and what we’re doing to answer them:

You Said We Did

  • “There could be more information on the website for Shared Owners who are wanting to sell their property and how they would do this.”

Our Response – Our Sales team have been working hard to produce a guide on the sale process for a Shared Ownership property. The guide is now in its final stages and, once completed, it will be on our website to access electronically or to download. You will also be able to request for it to be emailed to you or a hard copy to be sent.

  • “There could be more information about how to extend my lease.”

Our Response – We have started with a short article in this newsletter about ways to extend your lease. We plan to follow this with more details and information on our website soon. This will include information on what is required to extend your lease and the costs you will need to consider.

Check out our website for more updates as we are adding more information all the time. You can find our homeowners page here:

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