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Temporary changes to our services

Temporary changes to our services

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, we have had to reduce our grass cutting, cleaning and caretaking services.

A reduced work force with members of staff ‘shielding’ as recommended by Government, plus the new rules on social distancing and non-essential travel have meant we have been unable to provide these services across all sites.

Our cleaning team are focusing on the most important touch points such as door entries, lift panels, handrails, doors, push plates and laundry rooms. From 4th May, grass cutting resumed on a monthly basis.

We understand that when services are reduced or stopped, it is natural to ask what refunds you will be entitled to. Once our services return to normal, we will know the extent of the disruption and the impact this has had as far as service charges are concerned. We will work to make necessary alterations to charges and communicate this to those affected.

We apologise to residents affected by the reduction in these services. They will resume as soon as these services can be delivered in accordance with new Government guidelines.

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