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Keeping in contact with leaseholders

Keeping in contact with leaseholders

For many people, staying at home during the crisis has been especially difficult. Even in normal times, some of our older customers are lonely and depend on an occasional visit from family or a walk to the shops for social contact. 

To keep in contact, our Home Ownership Team has phoned over 500 leaseholders to check they’re safe and well at this time. This has included everyone aged over 67 and customers with vulnerabilities. 

Our staff have asked customers if they have family, friends or neighbours who could help, or if they needed support with essential tasks such as shopping for food and picking up medication. Customers who needed support were given information about local authority services or organisations like Age Concern.

Customers have been very appreciative of the calls. Many of them have had family support so simply welcomed our concern. Sadly, others have been recently bereaved and were unable to attend the funeral so welcomed the opportunity to talk about their grief.

One leaseholder in his 80s bemoaned the fact he had been unable to buy any bread flour for weeks to make his weekly bread. The Home Ownership Officer said if she came across any, she would pick some up for him. Two weeks later, flour was delivered much to the gentleman’s delight!  

Another customer talked about VE Day and whether his street would be observing a minute’s silence on their doorsteps and maybe raising a glass together. This triggered some fond memories for him of when he was a young lad and the street parties and dancing, with live bands on makeshift platforms on rooftops blasting out all the war songs.

Staff have really enjoyed making these calls and have had some lovely conversations with customers.

Please contact your Home Ownership Officer if you need support. 

Telephone - 0300 555 5560 - lines are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (emergency service only outside these hours). 

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