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Will you be a Digital Champion?

Will you be a Digital Champion?

Hi, my name is Lou Mycroft and I’m here to offer my skills as a Digital Nurse in return for your time as a Digital Champion.

So what’s a Digital Champion? It’s someone who pays their rent and books repairs online with Together Housing - and who is willing to help a few other people to do the same. It can be anyone you know - family, friends, neighbours. You know it makes sense - saves time and hassle. And if you don’t know how to do those things, I’ll show you! 

What I’m offering in return is to bring my digital skills to a session near you. I can’t take a computer to bits but I can help you stay safe online, do internet banking, use social media, set up an Etsy or Ebay selling site, make a webpage, find money-saving offers - anything you want really. If there isn’t a session happening near you, let me know and we’ll put something on.

If you fancy taking the next step, we’re also looking out for digital leaders to join an online learning community. We want you to feel super-confident with any digital, have the self-belief to take your skills into education, work, out into the community or whatever. Our ‘COOC’ (Community Online Open Course) will badge you up with digital skills and help you develop your confidence, skills and profile online.

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