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Get Online Week is back!

Get Online Week is back!

get-online-week17Getting the most out of the internet can be easy and fun. All you need to do is Try 1 Thing!

Whether you’re brand-new to the internet, or you want a bit of help making more out of being online, Get Online Week is here to help you take the next step.

Get Online Week 2017 runs from 2 - 8 October, and will see thousands of community events help people make the most of the internet. This year, the campaign is asking everyone to Try 1 Thing - use the internet to do just one thing you’d normally do in-person, or even over the phone.

Together Housing will be supporting the campaign, by encouraging tenants to Try 1 Thing online. Each day during Get Online Week, we’ll be sharing useful hints and tips about how you can manage your tenancy online as well as taking part in our new online discussion forums.

Watch this space for a full line-up of online activities.  

Try 1 Thing!


Day 1 - Register on the Together Housing website

Thirty years ago not many people would have believed that one day you’d be sitting in a cafe or on a bus, looking at a phone and reading text or watching video stored on a computer hundreds of miles away; but here we are, nevertheless.

The world has got itself online and, while many people are now in contact with their family through Skype and or the local community through Facebook there are a lot of things some people haven’t tried to do online yet.

That’s why, this week, we’re asking you to try something new every day. Take your rent balance for example; you could call us (during opening hours of course), wait in a queue, give your information and wait for someone to check the computer for you, or you could jump online and jump the queue, by logging in and checking it yourself, 24 hours a day. Each of our videos will show you something new you can do in just three easy steps.

Thirty years ago this would have seemed unbelievable, but today we not only know it’s possible, we know we just need to try it out for ourselves. So go on, Try One Thing every day!

Day 2 - Managing finances online

Now that you've setup an account on our website, today's short video explains how you can check your rent balance online.

We've also put together some helpful tips on being safe when banking online.

Of all the things that people worry about doing online, banking is probably number one. After all, sharing details about your money over a computer seems alien to many people.

However, a lot has been done to make sure that banking is secure these days. There is, of course, some risk but there’s also a risk in going into a bank and walking down the street with your money and there’s certainly more risk if you keep your life savings under your mattress. The GetSafe Guide to staying safe, will help you navigate the risks.

Digital Unite, which provides great advice for doing things online, have provided a brief guide to online banking based on NatWest’s online services, but you can see a wider review of what the different banks offer at MoneySavingExpert.

Day 3 - DIY Day!

To help you care for your home, we have a series of online DIY guides explaining how to carry out small repairs. Today's video shows you how to access them.

Finding out about arts and crafts online.

No matter what your creative field, the internet is the perfect place to seek inspiration for your favourite hobby. There are plenty of websites and blogs designed to help you find a new hobby or transform your home for less, DIY doesn’t have to be boring.

The internet is full of fun and simple resources for all of your arts and craft needs, whether you’re stumbling across a creative block or looking for arts and crafts your children will love. Crafts On Sea is a fantastic blog for easy family crafts, websites like Pinterest and Craft Gawker can help you discover fun craft ideas, home inspiration, and even recipes.

Soap Making Resource has plenty of free soap making recipes, or if you’re looking for sewing inspiration to create your own everyday wardrobe; maybe What Katie Sews could lend a hand.

You can have your favourite arts and crafts stores at your fingertip on the internet, you can even buy online from your high street favourites. If you have a specialist hobby you could even discover dedicated online stores with all the supplies you’ll need – whether it be knitting or felting, the world is your oyster!

Day 4 - Social Day

Connect with friends

Using the internet to communicate can seem like a daunting task, but keeping in touch with friends has never been easier. Using the internet we can chat to friends instantly, no matter where they are in the world. Whether you want to send messages, share photos or even video call, it’s all possible at the touch of a button. 

If you’ve moved into a new home, or live in an area that’s unfamiliar to you, you could join the Together Housing Resident Engagement group on Facebook and meet other residents in your area. Whether you’re making new friends, or keeping in touch with old ones, Facebook is a great tool for sharing snippets of your day and speaking to friends privately.

If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, instant communication is great for keeping up long distance friendships. While Facebook is a popular choice there are other, more personal, ways of communicating. Skype, iMessage and Whatsapp let you communicate simply and directly with secure messaging and free calling.  

Get social and connect with friends.

Watch our short video that shows how to become a member of the new Facebook Group for Together Housing Residents.


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Ross is the Digital and Social Media Officer at Together Housing.