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Digital Together

Digital Together

The Together Housing Group’s digital revolution is making a huge impression across the north of England.

In just a couple of months since each of the association’s new  websites went  live, we’ve had over 3,500 tenants sign up to manage their accountsonline.Thg Digital Together Logo Final 01

Each association also has its own app – on Google Play and the Apple Store – so it’s even easier for tenants to manage their accounts wherever, whenever and however they like.

Our Digital Together initiative has been two years in delivery, with the Together team alongside our partners at Prodo, First Touch and Aareon working to make the back end systems accessible with the customer facing site.

As well as being able to report repairs and manage their rent accounts, tenants have found the new “live chat” function particularly helpful to talk to our customer advisors without the need to phone or visit one of our offices.

But the Digital Together programme doesn’t stop there; our dedicated Digital Inclusion Officer is working across the Group to encourage people to not only use our digital services, but to also take full advantage of all the benefits the World Wide Web has to offer.

This includes discounts of goods and services but also to tackle loneliness and social exclusion by helping people connect with family, friends or hobbies.

Our officer has been working hard to help people access technology such as laptops and tablets, wi-fi and broadband as well as the skills to use digital services.

This is where our Digital Friends scheme has really helped. So far, we’ve got over 50 “friends” who have agreed to train friends and neighbours in the ways of the web.

And as a reward, there are different levels of incentive depending on the amount of people who are successfully signed up to our services.

Stephen Batley, Group Head of Customer Services, said: “Through our brand new website and app, tenants are able to report a repair, manage their rent accounts, talk to our advisors through “live chat” and much more without having to leave their armchairs.

“It's all part of our Digital Together strategy to try and tailor our services so tenants can use them how and when you want to.

“The housing sector is under increasing pressure to try and reduce costs and by our channel shift efforts, the potential savings are vast.”

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