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Housing boost for Hutton Cranswick

Housing boost for Hutton Cranswick

We have started work on a new housing development which will offer a lifeline to low income families in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

With new-build homes in short supply in the area, the average cost of buying a house has spiralled to £191,508, over seven times the average income, making it difficult for people to get on the property ladder.

Home ownership is significantly out of reach for many households, with renting quickly becoming a popular alternative. But, with the average month’s rent in the private sector costing £534, renting is quickly becoming out of reach and equally unaffordable.

In a bid to help tackle the housing crisis in the area, we have started work on a development of 12 homes on Hutton Road in Hutton Cranswick. Eight two-bedroom and two three-bedroom bungalows will be built for affordable rent and two four-bedroom homes will be built for sale.

Hilary Brady, Head of Development, said: “In addition to boosting the much-needed housing supply in the area, this development is contributing towards the creation of training and jobs and helping to maintain the viability of village services, such as the post office and school, which are often under threat in rural villages where unaffordable homes means people have to look further afield to live.”

The development is due for completion in June 2019 and is expected to create almost 50 direct and indirect jobs.

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