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Drone shows-off development's lakeside location

Drone shows-off development's lakeside location

A Together Housing development near Doncaster has been showing off its lakeside views, thanks to the latest drone technology.

The footage, shot by Strategic Home Group who are building the development on behalf of Together Housing and in partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, shows its unique placement on the bank above the lake in the former spa town of Askern.  The development includes eight houses for shared ownership and 40 for affordable rent.

Hilary Brady, Head of Development at Together Housing Group, said brownfield developments like this one make rural and semi-rural homes a reality for many people: “People often think that social housing providers only operate in built up city areas, but as viewers of the drone footage can see, affordable housing can be anywhere, in this case surrounded by fields and on the hillside above the beautiful Askern Lake.

“Together Housing’s approach means that many more people can afford to find a home they can be proud of.”

You can view the footage at or see it below in most broswers.


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Kevin does public relations and digital inclusion work across Together Housing Group.