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Update from your Repairs Team

Update from your Repairs Team

These are very difficult times for everyone, and all aspects of daily life have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Due to the Government’s new rules on staying at home and avoiding social contact to stop the spread of the virus, we have had to make some changes to our repairs service. This update contains important information about these changes. By following our advice below, you can help yourself, your family and your community to stay safe.

Annual Gas Safety Checks and Electrical Tests 

The regulator has confirmed that we must continue with compliance checks including gas and electrical safety inspections. These checks are important in keeping you safe in your home. If you have a gas or electrical check coming up soon, we will contact you before the appointment. Please tell us if:

  • You or anyone in your household has developed symptoms and is self-isolating for either 7 or 14 days. Appointments can be rearranged after the quarantine period has ended.
  • You are shielding to protect a vulnerable member of your household.
  • You are over 70 years old or have another vulnerability such as pregnancy.

We can be flexible about the appointment date, but we are still required to complete our gas and electrical checks. In some cases, if we are not able to complete a full electric check, we will complete a short electric safety check that will only take around 30 minutes but will ensure your electrics are in good working order.

Compliance safety checks in communal areas

We will continue to carry out compliance checks in all communal areas. It is vital that we are able to continue to carry out the following checks, where applicable, when they are due. These checks include:

  • Fire safety checks – testing communal fire safety systems (where applicable) various timeframes
  • Fire risk assessments – annual to all high rise blocks
  • Communal electrical safety - all wiring is tested at least once every 5 years and Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) to electrical appliances in communal areas every 2 years (where applicable).
  • Communal lifts – every six months
  • Asbestos safety checks – these are carried out at least once every three years
  • Water safety audits – every two years

All representatives of the organisation, carrying out these essential safety checks will carry a form of ID with them and they should be allowed to carry out their work  without their personal space being compromised. They will observe the social distancing rules at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

Working Safely in your Home

We understand that you might have concerns about allowing one of our technicians into your home at this time. Rest assured, all our staff have been instructed on how to work safely in residents’ homes.

  • On arrival, the technician will knock on your door and stand at least 2 metres back to speak with you. They will ask if everyone is well and if it is ok for them to enter your home.
  • Don’t be offended if the technician reminds you about the Government’s safety guidance on staying two metres apart. Where possible, please do not be in the same room as where the technician is working.
  • The technician may ask you to open windows in the rooms where they are working.
  • They will wear personal protective equipment and use cleaning wipes and hand sanitiser.
  • Again, don’t be offended if the technician washes their hands and uses their own paper towels to dry their hands.
  • You are no longer required to sign to confirm that the work has been done.

We ask you to respect these social distancing and safety rules. Our technicians want to keep you safe, as well as keeping themselves safe while in your home.

Emergency Repairs Service Only

We are now providing an emergency repairs service only until further notice.This has been a difficult decision. We realise this will affect our residents and we are asking everyone to bear with us at this difficult time.

An emergency repair is where there is an immediate risk to life and/or a danger to property that requires making safe urgently. A burst pipe where water cannot be contained, a major loss of electricity, or a loss of heating and/or hot water where the boiler is the sole source of heat and hot water are examples of emergency repairs. A technician may call you before attending so that we can be as prepared as possible.

Routine Repairs

Unfortunately, you cannot book a routine repair until further notice. If you do contact our Customer Service Centre, we will keep a record of your repair request and we advise you to contact us again when our normal service resumes.

Do contact us if the repair is an emergency.

Home Safety

The Government’s rule is to stay at home as much as possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This means there will be more cooking at home and many fires start in kitchens. When you’re cooking, don’t leave your cooker even for a moment, and check it’s switched off properly. Make sure cigarettes are put out completely. Smoking is one of the main causes of fires in the home. Above all, test your smoke alarms every week. A working smoke alarm will give you an early warning of a fire. Accidents can easily happen. To know the dangers, watch our short fire safety videos here.

Please help us to keep all our residents as safe as possible in their homes by following the above guidelines.

We will also complete all our regular health and safety checks in communal areas, as long as it is safe to do so. If you see any members of staff in communal areas, please respect social distancing rules.

Get in touch

We are here to support you. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

  • Online – This can be done 24 hours a day by the online form here.
  • Telephone 0300 555 5560 - lines are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (emergency service only outside these hours)

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