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We apologise but we are currently experiencing high call volume at the moment due to COVID-19.

Please use our website to contact us and we will answer your enquiries as soon as possible.

What you said and what we did

What you said and what we did

We’re always keen to hear the views of our tenants on the services we offer. We’ve already spoken to thousands of you this year and we will continue to engage with you.

It’s very important we understand your views, but if you take the trouble to complete a survey, come to a discussion group or take part in a Scrutiny project, then we should tell you the results of these consultations.

You have told us that we haven’t reported back sufficiently on we’re going to do as a result of the feedback and information you’ve been good enough to provide. We will keep reporting on what you said and what we did. Look out for more information on this website.

In Spring 2019, 79% of you were very satisfied with our service. This is a slight improvement but we are aiming higher, for a score of 90%.

Here are some specific problems you’ve told us about and brief descriptions of what we’re doing to improve services in these areas.

Hanging on the telephone

“Together Housing doesn’t answer the phone quickly enough and we can be kept waiting.”

We now have more staff to answer the phone and have a new phone system so we can respond to calls and put callers through to the right department much quicker than before.

Right first time 

“Problems with gas boilers and heating can take much too long and sometimes take too many visits from engineers to sort out.”

We’ve completed a big training programme with our gas engineers so they’re now all qualified to mend boilers as well as service them. In 2017, 74% of jobs were taking only 1-2 visits, but in 2019 that’s now up to 91% and we want to get this figure even higher.

Keep me informed

“When I have a complaint, Together Housing doesn’t always keep me informed well enough, and doesn’t always ensure I know what’s going on and how my complaint is being dealt with.”

We have set up a specialist Complaints Resolution Team to take control of more complex complaints and they will keep you informed at all stages.

Understanding my needs

“Sometimes when I phone about a repair the advisor doesn’t understand the problem because it’s too technical.”

Technical staff are now in our Customer Service Centres to help our advisors understand difficult problems. This means we can make sure enquiries are handled correctly. In some cases we can even provide help over the phone, avoiding the need for a technician’s visit.

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