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Winter electrical safety in your home

Winter electrical safety in your home

As the nights get darker and colder it’s the time of year when we use more electricity. It’s important that as you use more electricity, you do so safely.


In Great Britain there are about 20,000 accidental electrical fires in homes every year, resulting in around 50 deaths and 3,500 injuries. Here are some electricity safety tips to keep you and your home cosy and safe this winter: 

  1. Don’t leave your electric blanket on overnight – It’s tempting to leave your electric blanket on during the freezing nights, but this could cause your blanket to overheat. This can put you at risk of burning yourself or starting a fire. Your blanket should also be tested by a qualified electrician every 3 years – do not use your electric blanket if any wires are exposed or if the fabric has started to fray.  
  2. Be careful where you put your space heater – Make sure when using a space heater that nothing flammable is in front of it such as: paper, curtains, pillows and blankets.  
  3. Remember to turn off hair appliances – When you’re done with your hair straighteners or curlers you should turn them off before you head out. Otherwise your appliances can stay extremely hot which can start a fire.  
  4. Chargers – Only use the chargers provided by the same manufacturer as your mobile phone and e-cigarette. This is because many cheaper chargers on the market are made with poor quality materials that could quickly overheat and catch fire.  
  5. Where to charge – When charging your laptop and phone you should leave them on hard surfaces like tabletops. This allows your gadgets to be properly ventilated as they charge so they don’t overheat and catch fire on soft furnishings.   
  6. Don’t overload your sockets – With the festive decorations coming out of the cupboard it can be hard to find a place to plug them all in! Make sure your plug sockets are not overloaded so your sockets don’t catch fire.  
  7. Turn off the Christmas lights before turning in– Christmas can be a busy time of year and it’s easy to forget to turn off the Christmas lights before going to bed. It may seem festive to let the Christmas cheer sparkle into the night, but leaving the lights on overnight could cause them to overheat and start a fire.  

We also have a short video about how to use electricity safely. 

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