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Universal Credit for working people at Christmas

Universal Credit for working people at Christmas

When you're working and on Universal Credit, your Universal Credit is assessed each month according to the wages you've actually received during that month. Your employer reports every wage payment to HMRC and Universal Credit service centre uses these figures to reassess your UC.

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This can cause problems if you receive two wage payments in December because your employer has paid you early for the Christmas period. This happened to some of our customers last year and they were left with no Universal Credit.

This year HMRC has sent employers guidance on when to report early wages to them, to prevent this problem and to protect your Universal Credit.

The guidance tells employers to report an early wage payment for the date it's normally due, not the date it was actually paid. For example, if your employer normally pays you on 31st December but they pay you early for Christmas on 20th December, they should report the wages as paid on 31st December (not 20th).

If you know your employer is going to pay you early for Christmas, you may want to check how they are going to report this, to make sure you receive the usual amount of Universal Credit.

If your employer doesn't follow this guidance and you end up with no Universal Credit for a month, contact Universal Credit service centre on 0800 328 5644, post a message on your journal or speak to your work coach and they will investigate.

For more information about Universal Credit, see these YouTube videos

If you have any difficulty paying your rent or would like some advice on Universal Credit, ring our customer service centre on 0300 555 5560 or text Rent Help to 66099 and our expert advisors will contact you.

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