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Universal Credit Annual Verification

Universal Credit Annual Verification

Are you on Universal Credit and have been looking for work for 12 months or more? Or the partner of someone on Universal Credit who’s looking for work?

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Universal Credit may ask you to confirm on your journal that your circumstances haven’t changed. This is because a change such as working or having a baby can change the amount of Universal Credit you receive.

What do I need to do?

It’s called annual verification and the aim is to reduce any fraud and/or error in the system. You’ll be asked to complete a to-do on your journal to confirm your current circumstances. If anything has changed, you’ll be asked to complete a change of circumstances on your journal. For more information about change in circumstances you can click here.

You need to complete the to-do within 14 days, and you could be asked to do this every 12 months.

What happens if I don’t complete the to-do?

If the to-do is still open after 14 days, your Universal Credit will be suspended. You then have one calendar month to complete it. If you don’t, your Universal Credit will stop. Even if you apply later for Universal Credit, you may receive a lower amount.

Important advice so you don’t lose money:

  • Update your journal as soon as you have any change of circumstances
  • Complete the annual verification to-do as soon as you receive it on your journal

Don’t be afraid to contact us if you are struggling with Universal Credit. We are here to help. You can phone Together Housing on 0300 555 5560 or you can text UC HELP to 66099 and one of our friendly expert Advisors will contact you.

For more information and advice, you can also speak to your Work Coach or call Universal Credit on 0800 328 5644.

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