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Together Housing tenant paths the way to clean neighbourhoods

Together Housing tenant paths the way to clean neighbourhoods

Together Housing tenant Craig Oddy is encouraging other tenants to brave the outdoors this winter and spend just five minutes tidying up their neighbourhood.

Craig, who lives in Halifax, says that the communal area outside his home often gets messy with litter blowing around. Proud of the area he lives, and a willingness to look after his neighbourhood, Craig gets stuck into a quick clean up a few times a week.

“For two or three days a week, for the last six months, I’ve been popping outside to clean up some of the litter and rubbish that gathers on the grass.

“I fill a large carrier bag with rubbish each time, usually sweet wrappers and crisp wrappers. It only takes five minutes of my day to fill a large bag with rubbish, and it leaves me feeling happy!”

Craig Oddy

“It’s nice to be able to look out of the windows onto a tidy garden area. When people are coming in and out of the flats, they can walk through a clean and tidy area. My neighbours stop me to thank me, they really appreciate my efforts.”

After Craig’s commitment to keeping his neighbourhood tidy, he’s encouraging other tenants to do the same. He says: “Have some pride, go outdoors, and just give it a go! If you can spare just five minutes of your day, you’ll feel pleased with yourself and proud of your neighbourhood.”

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