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Together Housing joins pledge for hope

Together Housing joins pledge for hope

Together Housing has joined Calderdale Council and other community partners in Halifax to pledge tolerance and hope in the community.

 The pledge, which was signed by representatives of Calderdale partners, Interfaith Community and the Council of Mosques, strongly condemned the “the devastating and senseless terrorist attacks which occurred in New Zealand on Friday,” adding, “We are a kind and tolerant community, we care for each other and we have hope.”

 Amanda Garrard, director of Neighbourhoods at Together Housing Group, signed the pledge, commenting: “Together Housing provide homes to residents from all kinds of backgrounds, faiths and beliefs and we all work together to provide safe neighbourhoods.

 “Hate and division tear apart communities, but care and compassion continue to be the driving force for good throughout our neighbourhoods. Like all of our partners in Calderdale and across the North, we condemn all violence and stand united against it.”


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