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Together Energy: Saving energy and money

Together Energy: Saving energy and money

This week is Big Energy Saving Week which is a national campaign run by Citizens Advice to help spread awareness and knowledge about how you could be saving money on your energy bills.

Together Energy

One way Together Housing is trying to save the environment and reduce tenant’s energy bills is through renewable sources. Together Energy, which is part of Together Housing Group, are running a series of pilot projects to reduce energy bills and Together Housing’s carbon footprint through the installation of solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

Solar panels don’t produce carbon emissions, so they are better for the environment, but they only create energy when the sun is shining. By using batteries, we can store any unused solar energy to use whenever it’s needed.

A pilot project in Colne and Nelson in Lancashire, funded by Together Housing and the European Regional Development fund, saw 250 homes fitted with solar panels and batteries. We will collect data about how the systems perform to help us plan similar investment in other homes.

In a typical house with the new system, we expect energy savings of around 60% or more off the electricity bill – up to £300 a year.

Another renewable source we are piloting is ground source heat pumps. These are up and running in Towngate House and Talbot House in Elland, West Yorkshire. This renewable energy scheme replaced storage heaters throughout the flats to provide a more reliable heating system.

A ground source heat pump circulates a fluid around a loop of pipe buried deep underground. Heat from the ground warms the fluid and a heat pump in each property heats the water further to provide heat and hot water in the flats.

These two pioneering pilot projects are helping to make a real difference to the environment and saving our tenants money.

Together Energy aren’t stopping there. There are plans to expand these existing projects and introduce new ones. In 2020/2021 Together Housing are running a new project to have 80 new build properties with solar panels, batteries and ground source heat pumps in a micro-grid arrangement.

Please check back throughout the week for more energy saving tips and news. If you would like to know more about Citizens Advice’s campaign you can do so here.

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