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Thorne man brings Royal Tree back to former glory

Thorne man brings Royal Tree back to former glory

Together Housing resident Bob Snashall, 75, held a “grand re-hanging” for Commemorative sign for a Royal Tree.

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The tree was planted by Princess Mary in 1930 to commemorate the opening of Thorne Grammar School. The grammar school still has the original exterior, but inside, it has been made into flats.

Bob has lived in Thorne for 22 years and volunteers as a resident inspector and sits on the Together Housing resident scrutiny panel. When ivy was threatening to kill the trees in the local area Bob worked with the local Grounds Maintenance team, called Grit-It, to clear the ivy naturally and save the trees. Whilst at work the team uncovered the 90 year old sign. Bob restored the sign and the cage around the Royal Tree.

He said: “It seemed fitting that I paint the sign Royal Blue! When we first discovered the sign and cage, both were green, dirty, overgrown and hard to see. The Royalist in me couldn’t let this amazing bit of local history disappear!”

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Princess Mary was the third child of King George V and Queen Mary. Throughout her life she did a lot of charity work in Yorkshire. This included being the patron of the Yorkshire Ladies Council of Education which aimed to support women’s education, as well as being the Patron of the Leeds Triennial Musical Festival.

The local Grounds Maintenance team involved were invited to the re-hanging to thank them for the work they have done saving local trees and re-landscaping parts of the area.

Estate Services manager, Andy Vass, said: “The re-hanging of the sign is a great opportunity to thank both Bob and the gardening contractors Grit-it for their hard work protecting the trees. I really appreciate all the great work Bob has done. The Grounds Maintenance team has also done absolutely great work with saving local trees and re-landscaping parts of the area.

“It is amazing that a little bit of local history has been uncovered and that it has been restored to remain on display for years to come.”

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